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Samantha Rincione
Good afternoon, I came across your restaurant today and am very interested in helping you become a franchise company. I’ve done some research and this seems like a concept that could take the franchise industry by storm! We charge commission only on sales, no monthly fees or rates. We can have you fully up and running in 4 weeks and fully franchise-able! Do you have time for a quick conversation this week? Thank You
michael pascucci
A commercial food photographer with over 35+ years of experience in the photographic industry.I would be willing to assist your company in producing professional high end digital photographic images of your product line.If you need images for social media,print ads,web sights,cookbooks,or restaurant menus in house or location my prices are affordable,$150.00 for 1 hour photography of 10 of your favorite menu dishes you can see a sample of my work at the attachments below.I hope too here from you. longisland.craigslist.org/crs/d/food-photographer-for/6695697415.html. Regards Michael Pascucci 516-225-5528

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